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The Rusty Nail

This post was originally written in August 2021. This morning as I drove by this same “Rusty Post”, I took an updated picture, but the message remains the same. Heaven is our home!

On my daily irrigating run with my husband this week, I noticed this rusty nail in this rusty fence post, and it caught my attention. Who put it there and why? I will likely never know the answer to that question, but here’s what I do know. Nails were deliberately placed in the hands and feet of Jesus, who died an excruciating death on the Cross. I DO know why those nails were there. They were for you, and for me! Jesus willingly gave up His life, so we can live a full life, and live it abundantly, freely and forgiven. And when this earthly life rusts away and comes to an end, we have an eternal home waiting in Heaven. (Written August 2021)



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Thanks for stopping by "The Rusty Post". I'm excited to share my faith journey with you from rural Nebraska.

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