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I AM...

I am not a good enough wife...

I am not a good enough Mom...

I am not a good enough daughter...

I am not a good enough sister...

I am not a good enough friend...

I am not a good enough Christian...

I AM good enough for God, and that's good enough for me. 4 years ago to the day, I wrote those words in my journal and repeated them over and over.

For years, the lie of "I am not good enough" plagued me. Sometimes, if I'm being honest, it still does. The difference today is that I've done enough of the hard work and realize that those are lies that I no longer believe. I have replaced those lies with Truth from God's Word.

I am a Christian

I am a Child of God

I am a Daughter of the King

I am forgiven

I am loved unconditionally

You have a Savior who loved you enough to go to the Cross for you. You are loved by the great "I Am", the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last. May the Truth of God's Word penetrate your heart today as you ponder who you are in Christ.



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Thanks for stopping by "The Rusty Post". I'm excited to share my faith journey with you from rural Nebraska.

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