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Three Little Words

Life is full of 3 word phrases, some little and some big. Some phrases we wait what seems like a lifetime to hear, and some we dread hearing. Some 3 word phrases will change your life forever – seriously, 3 little words. Our lives from start to finish, young to old, are filled with 3 word phrases.

Imagine your days as a young one and your parent tells you to, “listen to me”, or better yet, on a playground at recess, remember hearing, “sticks and stones”. Picture yourself getting a birthday card from your Grandma and she always signed it with X’s and O’s. Remember how you felt when someone told you that X’s and O’s meant “hugs and kisses”. You didn’t even need to hear those words out loud with your own ears to know that your Grandma loved you. (Remember that point for later)

Some 3 word phrases get used over and over in a lifetime, sometimes so much that we are immune to their meanings, such as “how are you”? Some 3 word phrases seethe with emotion, “I miss you”. Others still we may hear on a daily basis: “thanks so much”. Other phrases go hand in hand: “I’m so sorry. Please forgive me”. Still other 3 word phrases bring a great deal of frustration with them. Imagine asking your child how the scratch got on the car. He/she shrugs their shoulders and says, “

I don’t know”. Clearly one of your 4 children knows what happened. (I speak with experience here. I have 4 little blessings of my own)

Some phrases get passed down from generation to generation: “rise and shine”; while others heed good advice, “do not judge” or “keep it simple”. Some 3 word phrases we dream of hearing for the 1st time from a special someone: “I love you”, “marry me please”, or “I am pregnant”. And other 3 word phrases bring so much joy and bliss that you think you cannot be any happier at that moment, “It’s a boy/girl”!

Other phrases we just need to hear sometimes: “I’ll be there”. And that phrase can take on so many meanings. As a mother to 4 children, it means I’ll be there to pick them up soon. But as a friend, it means they will stick by us no matter what.

There are still so many 3 word phrases that we could talk about, but let’s talk about a 3 word phrase that has life-saving properties. I’m talking about the 3 word phrase that saves us from an eternity in hell. When Jesus hung His head on the Cross at Calvary that day, He barely had enough life or strength left in Him, but still He loved us enough to mutter the words, “It is finished”. With that He laid down His life, so that we may have life and have life abundantly. That day, our lives were changed forever. My friends, no matter where you are at in life right this very minute, you have a God who wants you to know that “you are enough”, that “you are loved”. 3 word phrases we may not necessarily hear out loud from God Himself, but He does tell us this in the Scriptures. And He couldn’t love you any more than He already does. The One who created everything simply by His Word promises you that “Heaven is yours”. He is the “King of Kings” and the “Lord of Lords”, the “Alpha and Omega”, the “First and Last”. The One who created you and who knit you together in your mother’s womb is “the Good Shepherd”, the “Bread of Life”, and the one and only true “Son of God”. May you live your life in honor and glory to Him who saved you. “Peace be yours.”



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